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Jason Tremblay

Brewmaster and Co-owner

Jason got his start in home brewing 20 years ago after his brother suggested he give it a try. Having bought a copy of The New Complete Guide to Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian, Jason brewed a batch of “Who’s in the garden grand cru” and was hooked.

15 years later, with a collab with Doug Pengelly brewed at Bar Volo under his belt, Jason got to chatting over a beer with Ralph Morana and began working for House Ales brewing for their “bugs, barrels, and Belgians” program. When he realized he wanted to start an operation of his own, he bought some equipment, partnered with Junction Craft Brewing and Innocente to brew beer on a contract basis, and Shacklands was born.

He now brews out of his own facility at 100 Symes Road with his business partner Dave Watts and finally understands the joke about the first beer he made–a style still brewed at Shacklands to this day.

Dave Watts

Beer Guy and Co-owner

Dave previously worked in film as a lighting technician, working on a number of classic Canadian productions. He also designed solar arrays, creating some of the most ground breaking designs in Canada.

After meeting Jason’s brother through his work in film, Dave enjoyed some home brew with the Tremblays and knew it was more than just well made home brew and they grew from there. Beer has always been a passion for Dave, from the early days of craft beer in in the mid 80’s, Dave claims there is not a beer that he has not tried or at least tried to track down.

At the Brewery, Dave has created (and curated) the “Shelf of Everything”, a motley collection of a vast number of items, all of which will bring back many memories- from 8 tracks to happy meal toys, train sets to antique cameras- there is a story to each item.

You can catch Dave behind the bar most days, sharing stories and a laugh with anyone who walks in.

Kalev Nisbet


Kalev began his professional life behind a desk in the field of architecture, where he began to yearn for something more. Initially drawn into the world of brewing through his love of craft and international beer, he found that brewing involved a unique combination of art, science, and creativity. After dabbling in some homebrewing, he was lucky to land a 6-month assistant brewing gig at the Mill Street brewpub. He was hooked.

Motivated to learn all he could about brewing, Kalev attended the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program at Niagara College, where he got to brew up his favourite styles and hone his skills. Kalev was drawn to Shacklands by all the the beautiful traditional Belgian style ales as well as the funky fusions. After volunteering for them while completing his education, he is very pleased to now be their brewer. You can usually find him tinkering, cleaning, and scheming with Jason in the back of the brewery, or exploring to discover new beers near and far.

Eric Bennett

Sales + Retail

Eric is a local craft beer enthusiast turned Shacklands rep. After years of volunteering at beer festivals and events, Eric has entered the world of sales and couldn’t be happier about it.

Eric continues to study his way through the Prud’homme training program to become a Beer Sommelier and can be seen about town Sampling Shacklands’ latest brews with vendors and licensees, or behind the bar in the tasting room!